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Stidham United Methodist Church, Est. 1912
Stidham United Methodist Church
Jasper H. Stidham, a long time resident and land owner in Union Township of Tippecanoe County, died on April 24, 1912. He left instructions in his will that $10,000 be used to incorporate a church near Taylor Station within six months of his death. Reverend George W. Switzer of Lafayette was appointed by Bishop W.F. McDowell of Chicago to implement the terms of the will. In July of 1912 the first service was held in Union Township's Consolidated School Building. The Articles of Association of the Jasper H. Stidham Methodist Episcopal Church were signed two months later. 
In November of 1913 two acres of land were purchased for the sum of $800 near Taylor Station, and several months later Lafayette architect Charles W. Nicol was chosen to develop the building. Joshua Chew was selected as the builder. The dedication service was held on May 16, 1915. The total cost of the building came to approximately $14,600.
Contributing to the historical value of the church are the magnificent stained glass windows and dome  designed by Lafayette artisan Miss Edna Browning Ruby who was world renowned for her skill.
When the Methodist Episcopal Church merged with the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1960, the name Jasper Stidham Methodist Episcopal Church was changed to Stidham United Methodist Church.

Reverend Roy Laudermilk, a past Stidham UMC minister, had a dream of putting the church on the National Register of Historic Places.  Mrs. Wilma Osterhoff gave countless hours to this project.  Finally, on November 27, 1992, Stidham United Methodist Church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Factors which contributed to the recognition are the unique stained glass windows and dome. The deep, rich colors blend together to create religious symbols. The stained glass dome cascades a soft, spiritual glow over the pulpit.
Over the years the church has celebrated its history several times, the last being the 100th centennial anniversary on Sunday, July 22, 2012.  We at Stidham UMC continue to be a congregation that strives to serve the Lord in our community and to show His love to each other, and to all others in need.
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