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01 Children's Church

During the sermon, children from 4-11 are invited to attend Children's Church, where they may learn about God in a fun, interactive way.

02 Grief Share

In the Spring and Fall, we offer GriefShare, a grief recovery support group. The program meets weekly for 12 weeks. More information will be provided when the next support group begins.

03 Bible Study

Every Monday night at 6:30 pm, we offer an in-depth study of scripture in person or by Zoom. Currently, we are studying the Gospel according to John. All are welcome to learn and grow together.

Stidham DVD "Chair" Stretch & Balance Exercise Program

September 2021 a new exercise program began at Stidham. Currently, there are 7 unique DVD sessions that are led by 3 different types of instruction. The 45-60 minute sessions are held on Mondays and Wednesdays. Each participant sits during exercises, or, when the DVD indicates, stands and uses her chair to help with support and balance. Several of the DVDs incorporate stretch exercises for abs and core that prepare their bodies for the more vigorous routines. Exercise bands and 20 oz. water bottles, as weights, are used to increase their strength. The DVDs that use chair aerobics and chair dance routines help with coordination and endurance. Pilate-based breathing is encourage throughout the sessions.

Those who participate in the Stidham Stretch & Balance Exercise Program have found a warm connective atmosphere as Pastor Darin shares in their stories, laughter, and concerns before each session begins, and leads them in prayer on Mondays. After each exercise session, the goal is for all to leave with renewed energy, strength, and flexibility.

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